9 KIDZ BOP Songs That Prove Hell is Real

kidz bop

9. “Little Drummer Boy”

Originally sung by the Trapp Family Singers in 1955 (bet you didn’t know that, did you?) However, here it’s sung by the guy that’s always a little too physically friendly with your crush and the 6th graders that hang outside the movie theater.

8. “Higher”

Originally by Creed but this time it’s sung by the youth group from First Baptist Church Owasso and your uncle John after he’s had a few too many.

7. “Thrift Shop”

Originally by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis but it’s covered here by the pre-teen cast of the newest awful Nickelodeon show.

6. “Float On”

Originally by Modest Mouse but here it’s covered by kids waiting in line for the Dumbo ride at Disney World and the lead singer of Bowling for Soup.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 4.01.25 PM

The normal reaction to KIDZ BOP music.

5. “Lips of an Angel” 

Originally by Hinder but covered by Mrs. Simmons’ 7th grade English class and the guy that drives the forklift at Home Depot.

4. “Party Like a Rockstar”

Originally by Shop Boyz but covered by the Norman Youth Soccer Team and DeAngelo after KIDZ BOP paid him 45 dollars to say “Y-y-y-yeeeeaaaaah!”

“Totally dude!”

3. “I’m Real”

Originally by Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule but this time its sung by Amy, the teller at your local Bank of America, and by a really cool cartoon grizzly bear.

2. “All Star”

Originally by Smash Mouth but covered here by the kids that have the lemonade stand on McKinley Street and what I imagine Steve Zahn would sound like if he sang.

steve zahn

Steve “Kickflip to Indy” Zahn

1. “Bring Me to Life”

Originally by Evanescence but here it’s sung by Amy the bank teller again and a guy that probably has a tribal band tattoo on his bicep. Oh, and some kids too.

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