Answering Your Questions About Dating and Relationships

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I found this on the Internet.

Dear Jake,

“My boyfriend and I have been dating for about six months. It’s a great, healthy relationship and I love him very much. However, he wants us to start a sort of bible study/discipleship group together with just the two of us and I’m not sure how I feel about that. It just seems kind of early and a little rushed. What are your thoughts?”

From Amanda

Dear Amanda,

I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. However, I follow NBA superstar Kevin Durant on Twitter and here’s what he said about that particular topic recently:

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 3.23.31 AM

I hope his wise counsel gives you the answer you’re looking for.

Dear Jake,

“I have a crush on this girl from my college group at church. I want to pursue her and ask her out on a date but I don’t want to potentially risk our friendship and make it awkward if she doesn’t feel the same way I do. What should I do?”

From Tim

Dear Tim,

I believe you should step out in boldness ask her out if you have these feelings for her. However, I think you should be careful about how you approach that. I always use a 5 step process for when I ask a girl out on a date.

1. Find her in the lobby of the church.

2. Slap the cup of coffee out of her hand.

3. Grab her shoulders and look her square in the eye.

4. Scream “SCHWEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!” in a really loud, high-pitched voice.

5. When you get released from prison, find her and ask her out.

I hope this helped, Tim!

Dear Jake,

“I went on a date with a friend from church recently and had a really good time but I still only see him as a friend. He’s made it known to me that he wants to take me out again but I don’t want to hurt his feelings when I tell him no. What do I do?

From Mandy

Dear Mandy,

Fake your own death.

Dear Jake,

I believe that I have come out of a season of singleness and that I am ready to start dating. But there are a few girls that I kinda have feelings for. Should I wait to see which one is the right one, or should I try to pursue each one and gauge interest that way?

From Oscar

Dear Oscar,

I too have been in the same situation that you are currently in. My advice is that you don’t necessarily pursue any of these girls in a dating sense right now. Try to spend time with them in a group setting or even ask them to get a friendly cup of coffee with you sometime. Just be sure to make the distinction that getting coffee is, in fact, not a date.  Those things are great ways to gauge potential interest from the girl and to determine if you should pursue her further. I think NBA Superstar Kevin Durant put it best when he tweeted this:

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 11.11.47 AM

Glad I could help!

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One thought on “Answering Your Questions About Dating and Relationships

  1. In this present reality where individuals meet in a bunch of spots, it can at times get to be befuddling regardless of whether individuals are dating or basically companions. Individuals can hang out doing different exercises from going to supper to taking treks, and it can get to be confounding as to in the event that it is a dating relationship or not. Then again, there are a few approaches to characterize what dating is and how to focus when individuals are dating.


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