15 Things Jesus Did NOT Die For

It’s saddens me to see so many Christians worship their political ideologies more than they worship Jesus. I’ve seen, like, almost 4 or 5 people on Facebook posting articles that have the audacity to disagree with my own political ideologies that I worship more than Jesus.

These so-called “Christians” are posting these things and in the process are becoming a sort-of cultural morality police. This is wrong. You shouldn’t tell people how to live their lives. You should let them do what they want. So I’m going to tell you, that is how you should live your life. Okay?

People should also have the right to misinterpret Matthew 7:1 if they want to. If you disagree with me, then you’re probably a bigot and I hate you. Remember: Jesus did not die for your politically-skewed, Americanized religion. He died for mine.

Anyway, here’s 15 other things Jesus did NOT die for.

1. Komodo dragons


2. Tex-mex food


3. Gas station restrooms


4. The Scorpion King on Blu-ray

scorpion king

5. Velcro trainer-style shoes


6. Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


7. Munchos


8. The National Hockey League


9. Stinky Pete from Toy Story 2

stinky pete

10. This door knob


11. Pine trees

pine trees

12. Madden NFL 2004


13. Soy sauce packets

soy sauce

14. Halberds


15. Hungry-Man frozen dinners


Source: C.S. Lewis books

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